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"I convey passion and performance and create relationships that last a lifetime."

Thanks for visiting!  My name is Susie. Feel free to contact me at any time.

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If you are visiting this page, that means you want to know more about me. And I really appreciate that.

As a real estate professional, you may want to know why I would be a great choice in helping you sell your home.  For the most part, I love everything about this business.

The first thing to keep in mind is that I never lose site of the goal which is selling your home for the best price in the shortest amount of time.  This is where my ability as a sales person comes in.

I have been in sales for most of my professional life starting early in my teenage years.  Most of these jobs were paid by commission, which means I had to make things happen if I wanted to get my bills paid.  I worked in retail, skin care and even sold cars for a living. 

I find that being in sales is a very rewarding career.  Not because of the pay, but because I get to meet people every day.  One thing I learned about sales is, if you want to be successful, you have to make friends and cultivate relationships.  This means the more friends you have, the more successful you will be.  Guess what?  I have lots of friends and am making more every day.

The thing about sales is, no matter what the industry, its matching solutions with problems.  And finding the best solution for each problem.  This means you need to get to know people.  Finding out what a person needs.  What their problem is, and finding the best solution for it. 

This also means, if you are looking for a house, then I need to understand who you are, your likes, dislikes and most desirable wants and needs.  I take this all into consideration and come up with the most viable solutions for you.  This is what I have always done and is what has made me successful as a representative, sales person, associate and a friend.

I understand that buying a house, whether being a first time home buyer or not, is most likely your biggest financial investment of your life.   It was for me!  And I never forget that.

I have always followed the notion that by surrounding yourself with people you want to be like, have been where you want to be, or are following the same path you are, it makes you that much more successful.  That is why I joined URWAY REALTY, and we are a great team!

That means that all my clients, not only get the benefit of me doing my best to go above and beyond for you, also benefit from the many decades of experience that come from the team at URWAY REALTY!

Here is what I love about working at URWAY REALTY.  We have access to experience from all aspects of the real estate industry.  This means a seamless process for all my clients.  Ultimately, this means, you shouldn't have to worry about anything, because we have it covered.

So drop me a line, by contacting me through this website, or call me.  We can chat about how I can help you.  That's what I'm here for.

I appreciate that you took the time to learn about me, and I would like the opportunity to learn about you!

Below is some personal information to help you know more about me.

I was born and raised in Hawaii!  And I have lived in several states, buying and selling homes in each.  I have gone through the trials and tribulations of moving my family and household belongings long distance while at the same time coordinating residences.  This can be a bit tricky, but I can now say that I have a very good grasp of it!

Buying and selling your home when moving can be a mentally exhausting experience, mainly due to the unknowns.  Concerns that went through my head were, what if I can't sell my house?  What if we can't find a home that we love, in a neighborhood we love?  What about the schools?  Will my children be happy?

After having gone through the experience, all these concerns were unfounded, mainly due to having some great people to work with.  We were fortunate enough to work with some great real estate agents that made this process quite bearable, and in fact, looking back, kind of fun in a way.

I always loved the feeling of sitting in the living room of my new home after I have everything moved in and settled. It's a new start and I start envisioning my plans of creating my new dream home.

I have two children and my husband and I place a huge emphasis on family.  After all, what's more important really?  Because of this, consideration of family played a huge role in my own home buying process.  We studied the schools in the area.  The surrounding neighborhood.  Nearby parks and recreation.  How far we had to drive for our daily routines.  The list goes on.  What it basically came down to was, as the cliché goes, "location, location, location".

Having moved so much in the past, for various reasons, we had to keep in mind that our home was an investment, and to think of it as not only a home, but a house.  This meant studying resell values, doing market analysis and real estate trends over all and in the community.  As my husband always says when it comes to investing "timing is critical."  And with real estate as an investment, this proves true in almost every scenario. 

Having lived in many different states, I have had the pleasure of meeting new people and different ways of thinking.  While we may all speak the same language, what is said doesn't always mean the same thing.  Understanding this helps me understand the home buying process better between the buyer and the seller. 

Now I live in Jacksonville, FL, which I consider to be one of Florida's best kept secrets.  As many people have said to me, Jacksonville is a big city that acts like a small town.  Meaning, there are lots of friendly people here, and for the most part really easy going.  And I really appreciate that.

I also love helping out.  I try to volunteer for causes I believe in.  For example, when I lived in Hawaii, I volunteered to work with animals.  In Utah, I was head of the advisory committee for The Conservation Gardens.  I've met so many great people!

But we can find out more about each other, and how I can help you if you give me a call or an email.  We can chat about your wants and needs in regards to real estate, and I can help you put together a expert plan, step by step to reach that goal of either selling your current house, or finding that dream home.  Its that simple.

Thanks again for taking the time read more about me.



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